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Wanna freelance? I can help with that. 

I’ve been freelancing for quite a long time. Within that time I’ve learned a lot. At this point, it’s fairly streamlined for me. On the other hand, I’m seeing many people in my personal circle struggle to get the ball moving.

I often hear things similar to:

  • “Freelancing is a waste of time, just get a second job”
  • “Freelance sites are only for people overseas who can live off $10 projects”
  • “I always get burned or low balled when I try to freelance…”
  • “It’s too much work trying to get clients”

While I do understand those perspectives, I can confidently say there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Most of those issues can be mitigated with a little direction. The problem I’ve noticed, not many people who freelance will share their tips. A story to be sold and not told I presume. My first guess would be fear of new competition. Not sure how true that may be, but I’m willing to share tips based on my experience!

I’m aiming to give some actionable advice and inspiration to help people in their freelancing endeavors.

In summary: Get ready to freelance.

(not really sure how to end posts well (or say bye to people in person #judgemelater). I’ll work on it)


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