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When you improve, so should your rate. A guide to increasing your freelance rate

“When choosing a rate for a new project, do you think about how you would feel about that rate six months later?”

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Developing on Upwork: From $20/hr to $80/hr

“Nobody cares about your location unless it benefits them”

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A fluff-free guide to pre-freelancing

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Before freelancing is pre-freelancing. I want to guide you through those first steps.

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Starting off as a freelance developer. Here are some tips on what NOT to do.

It’s tons of tips out there on what to do. What about the stuff you shouldn’t do? Isn’t that also important?

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Remote Freelance vs Local Freelance.

Are you looking locally for new clients or internationally. Do you need to meet face to face in order to business?

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3 ways to handle rushed freelance work from clients

Part of making sure you are working with your ideal client is choose the clients who operate at your ideal speed. With that said, nobody likes rushing.

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When is it time to fire a client? 4 reasons to cut ties. 

Breakups suck. It’s no easy way to do it, but sometimes it just needs to be done. It’s even harder to realize when a break up needs to happen. Here are some clear signs when it’s time to leave a client.

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How to deal with an unresponsive client. 

We often forget to protect ourselves from this type of situation. You never want to enter a new relationship with a client thinking they will disappear. I want to talk about how to deal with the times you aren’t protected from a disappearing client.

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Pro-tips: Using Evernote to keep up with client tasks

With thousands of tools available to aid us in organizing our project information. I want to talk about my current favorite: Evernote.

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3 cases where you should consider the dreaded “free work”

Free work is scary but, in some cases it can work greatly in your favor. At least in the initial stages of your freelancing career.

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From freelance hobby, to freelance career. 

Freelancing may be a fun hobby for some people but, you will eventually question how better it would be if treated like a business.

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Keep getting ridiculously low balled proposals from clients? 

Getting low priced proposals isn’t usually a result of your work. May be a bigger issue the client is suffering from.

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Can you get freelance work without a portfolio? 

When getting started. it’s often challenging to land clients without any work to show. Question is, why don’t you have work to show.

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Should you let clients know you also have other clients?

People often seek freelancers and treat them like a dedicated employee. That in many cases defeats the reason for freelancing. Let’s fix that.

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Wanna freelance? I can help with that. 

It’s not easy getting into freelancing. Take years to get into a decent flow of things and see the fruits of your labor. Let’s change this.

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Freelancing is easy when someone gives you all the answers and remove all the guess work. I plan to give all the answers to freelancing in super easy to understand bit sized tips.

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