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Let’s talk about Pre-freelancing at work.

When freelancing, you’re in charge of managing yourself. This is challenging if you’re accustomed to an on-site person manager.

Problem is, we’re too accustomed to having someone actively manage us.

The people who often need little to no management is often pushed into, you guessed it, management!

Before jumping into freelancing its ideal to know how to manage oneself.

One solution among many is to start working remotely.

While working remotely, you have to be:
– more mindful of how you spend your time
– over communicating to bridge the gap of not being in person
– self-starting with little direction and almost no instruction
– actively hold yourself accountable for your work

These are essential skills. Not only freelance but, for any entrepreneur journey (even job advancement).

Pre-freelancing is as crucial as freelancing. I would argue more important.

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