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Career changes are simple when you’re in control

An occasional job change is fine, but a change in career can be stressful.

When considering the change to freelance, It may feel like you’re switching careers. It can be exhausting, stressful, and overwhelming.

It doesn’t need to be.

Actually, it’s not.

Most people who fail to switch to freelance usually do so because they’re doing it wrong.

Imagine considering switching jobs:
– take time off to interview
– wait for a job to accept you
– quit your job
– start a new job
– hope it was better than your old one

But what if it isn’t? What if they painted a perfect picture for you and once you start the new role you soon realize you’re in a worse situation.

This is where I should mention something about the grass being greener, but I won’t!

Imagine starting a freelance gig (the proper way):
– apply to some freelance gigs
– wait for them to accept you
– start working in the evening, weekend or whenever you have time
– decide if you want to double down with more clients or part ways with your current

The difference is risk. Experimenting with freelance during your free time is less risky than quitting your job, hoping the new job is better.

Don’t like freelancing? Fine, go back to work the next day.

Or you can ask your manager at your job for the next 4 Fridays. Tell them you need some personal time and use that time to focus on freelance.

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