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The truth about freelancing and mentorships

I’ve been freelancing since I was in my late teens. As I got older, I started to look for a mentor who I could gather inspiration and insight from.

Someone I can go to and get answers for my ever-growing list of problems.

I never found a local mentor and was stuck with following people online.

Then I realized something. I already had mentors (yes, multiple mentors), but I wasn’t able to choose them.

Well, not choose them directly.

At that point, I identified my problem. I was trying to force the mentorship path upon myself as opposed to letting it happen organically.

I found myself quoting lessons learned from clients to my other clients and friends.

Quotes from conversations we had over the many hours of working with them.

Conversations that branched away from the typical project talk, but into real-life personal issues.

These clients were often business owners, seasoned corporate employees, new founders, etc… people who were in a very aspiring position career-wise.

Not only did I had the luxury of working with these people I was gaining amazing insight from the positions I was aspiring to be in.

My mentors (yes, plural) choose me and believed in me enough to compensate me along the process.

A healthy client relationship is a mentorship.

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