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Pro-tips: Using Evernote to keep up with client tasks

It’s many project management and to-do apps out there. I tried them all and one thing I noticed about my self, I like to keep it simple.

I often found myself going to a plain text file and making a barebones todo list. Problem is, once you have multiple clients and the tasks start to roll in for each client, you need a little more organization. Enter Evernote.

A few reasons why I like Evernote:

  • Native apps for desktop and mobile
  • Zapier integration if I want to get crazy
  • Large community for inspiration
  • It’s as simple or complicated as you need it to be

I often see freelancers push it to the side for some project management software. In most cases, I think that’s overkill, even Trello (yep I said it!)

Here is my solution for organizing client info.

Each Client gets a note

I’ve seen some people give each person a notebook. From my experience, that has been overkill. A single Note per client has been more than enough.

Create sections in that note

  1. High-level info – Client name, contact info, project name, etc… Typical info.
  2. To-do list – The evergrowing list of tasks for your client
  3. Progress and notes – Abuitaty notes and progress you make for your future self to reference (ex: notes on where you left off Friday night so Monday you won’t look confused as to where you left off!)

Now the most important tip

Don’t overcomplicate the process!

Can’t stress the importance of this tip enough. It’s not the tool, it’s how you’re using it or not using it. Most people spend too much time trying to find the perfect tool. Fun fact: there isn’t one :).

In summary: Try it out! I’ve used this flow for projects that spanned couple years with no problem.

An added bonus, when the project ends, I have a plethora of notes I can pass along. It becomes a brain dump for my clients. I export a PDF and make another client happy despite the project ending 🙂

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