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Finding workload balance while freelancing

Every wondered why the things you have to do always get done while the things you want to do never happens?

Some things you need to do and other things you want to do.

(I often prefer the latter, but that’s me)

Things you need to do:
– pay bills
– get basic education
– visit the doctor

What you want to do:
– buy a fancy phone
– go out to eat
– take a vacation

And somehow we end up spending more time on the things we need to do instead of what we want to do.

Let’s apply this to freelance.

What you need to do:
– find new clients
– complete your tasks
– admin work (emails, meetings, etc.)

What you want to do:
– trip to a conference
– exploration work for the client
– walk your dog

I have a simple solution I follow for things like this.

I call it “balance”.

(i know,  I know… blew your mind with this one)

After you find a new client, plan your trip to a conference.

For every three completed tasks, work on an exploration task.

For every hour spent on admin work, go walk your dog for 10 mins.

No crazy process. No cool tool. Just balance.

Not familiar on how to find balance? Go sit in a free guided meditation class one time. Just once. The absolute basics are enough to teach you balance. I promise you’ll find balance or I’ll refund you myself.

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